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Water Soluble Granule (WSG) is one of the main granule formulations that develop quickly in our company like WDG and DF.


Our company firstly achieves continuous, automatic and clean extruding granulation in the pesticide preparation and gets into industrialization. With an investment of more than two million dollars, we introduced a complete set of the most advanced automatic Particle Formation and Drying Equipment, this allows us to walk far ahead domestic competitors in granule production.


In particular, we would introduce Paraquat 60% WSG as one of key product:


- Paraquat is a typical non-selective herbicide and plays an important role for its good weed-killing effect and wide use. In terms of sales volume, it ranks second among herbicides in the world.

- However, since paraquat is a highly toxic material and no antidote, death rate by mistaken oral administration of paraquat formulation product is as high as 90-100%. Simply said, only Paraquat 200g/L SL is available now but unfortunately it was used for suicide because of easy taking it.

- In 2012, Chinese government has ordered relevant authority to stop registering paraquat SL and from 2014 to ban the marketing of paraquat SL as of 2016 to ban the production of paraquat SL, thus all producers in the industry pay great importance to the research and development of a safety formulation of paraquat.


This is the background why we choose to develop Paraquat 60% WSG.


Now let’s see the advantages of Paraquat 60% WSG:

- Its bioactivity is 3 times more prominent than that of traditional water soluble granule.

- It dissolves instantly in water, you don’t need to wait or stir it before spraying.    

- It can effectively reduce the possibility of taking it with an impulse or taking it mistakenly, thus ensure a better security for use.

- With an automatic packaging of 60g dosage in water soluble bag, no direct contact with product.